MECA was founded in 1974 as a company operating in the maintenance, repair and modification of electrical machinery and equipment, alternate and continuous current motors, electromagnets, electropumps, submersible pumps.

In over 40 years of activity, the company has developed a strong knowledge in the field of voltage transformers and has expanded its range of services, which now include:

Now MECA is a company in constant development both in the acquisition of new markets and in investments in research and staff training.

The main objectives of our work are the same that have characterized the whole story of MECA: to produce high performance power transformers, to provide complete, expert assistance, responding to the specific needs of our customers with tailored solutions and to care about the quality of our service.

In its forty years of experience, MECA has worked for big industries, well-known firms in the energy sector and major infrastructure and transport public companies, both in Italy and abroad.

In the electricity sector we must first mention the long partnership with Enel S.p.A., a highly qualified collaboration for which MECA has obtained a specific Enel certification for the supply of MV/LV transformers and for repair interventions on them.
We also want to mention, among our clients:
Eni Spa and Enipower Spa, ERG Spa, Moncada, Acquedotto Pugliese Spa and Acquedotto Lucano Spa, Italcementi Spa and Cementir Spa, Imes Service Spa, Italtractor Spa, Amet Spa, Ferriere Nord Spa, I.V.P.C., Dalmine Spa, Tirrenopower Spa and Fenice Spa.

For each customer or contract, MECA’s approach is based on the pursuit of the best technological solution for the specific needs of customers, on ongoing assistance, on periodic on-site maintenance, on the care of the service, on respect of all standards required for the certification and approval of supplied power transformers.

MECA devotes continuous attention to quality in all stages of production, sale, installation and maintenance of power transformers. The quality of MECA’s products and services is attested by UNI EN ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications and by ENEL certifications.