Strong with a long-established experience in the design, production and maintenance of electrical equipment, MECA has always paid special attention to quality in the production of its power transformers.
The quality management system of MECA establishes verification criteria at each stage of the working chain, from the supply of raw materials to production, from business partnerships with customers up to installation, from research and development to staff training.
This system has made MECA deserve the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 quality certification, attesting the high standards achieved by the company during its forty years of experience in the field of electrical transformers.
As proof of the constant attention to the quality level of our products and interventions, MECA has been recognized also qualified supplier by many leading companies in the Italian and foreign markets, such as Gruppo Eni Spa and Edison Spa, and has obtained the E.N.E.L. certification for the supply of MV/LV distribution transformers also in ECODesign.
The quality management system of MECA, certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001, promotes a careful attention towards quality policy which is developed at all levels of the business organization in the relation of the company with customers.

In particular, as regards the relation with customers, the quality policy adopted by MECA provides for the execution of the works in accordance with the quality level defined by the contract, the respect of the set timeline and of the national and international regulations in force for the sector and the engagement of customers, through a satisfaction document, in the activities of review and of the verification of the carried out work.
As for the production, MECA is committed to check the reliability of its suppliers and of the used materials, to keep updated its working methods, to promote the constant technical training of staff and to review periodically the entire quality management process thus encouraging continuous business improvement.
In the awareness that the success of the company depends on this attitude of service and customer satisfaction, MECA has been carrying on, since its foundation, an active role in the introduction of innovations and skills that qualify its products and its operations not only in accordance with the highest standards, but also in response to the needs and expectations expressed by each client company.