Since 1974, MECA is active in the electromechanical sector to bring energy to the companies and industries service. Experience, constant research and technological development allows to offer a complete range of products and services at every stage of the project. MECA deals with: production and sale of electric transformers in oil and resin; maintenance and repair of transformers; analysis and treatment of oils and insulating fluids; sale and exchange of regenerated transformers.

Every product and every activity is carried out with the utmost attention to quality, confirmed by UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certifications.

Here below, there is a gallery of our realizations and our on-site maintenance works.

Produzione trasformatori ECODesign

ECODesign Transformers

MECA produces MV / LV transformers, single-phase and three-phase, natural cooling in mineral oil, with powers from 25 kVA to 3150 kVA. Our oil-filled transformers are EcoDesignd, therefore produced in accordance with European Commission Regulation 548/2014 on Transformer Leaks. Output storage of production: EcoDesign transformers, group photo.

Produzione trasformatori - test, prove elettriche di collaudo

Tests and electrical acceptance trials

All transformers in production are subjected to rigorous testing test in our testing room of 200 square metres. In accordance with the quality management system adopted by MECA, the finished products are accompanied by a report test and a certificate of conformity, which attests the compliance with all fixed standards.

linea produzione trasformatori

Production line

At work: production line within the establishment. Meca sticks to the highest production standards allowing a long duration of the equipment and reducing the need and frequency of maintenance work.

produzione - riparazione trasformatori elettrici

Electrical Repair on 25 MVA MV/LV Transformer

In addition to the production, MECA is specialized in the maintenance, repair and service of electrical transformers in medium and high voltage directly by the end user, where it can perform most of the electrical measurement and electrical acceptance tests. An operation on a 25 MVA MV / LV transformer.

on-site maintenance

Electrical Repair on 30 MVA 150/20 kV MV/LV Transformer

If the core of our mission is the production of transformers that meeting extremely high quality standards, the on-site maintenance of transformers and other electrical equipment is undoubtedly the flagship of our company.

production line

Production line

A quality process: production line inside the plant. The careful checks of each phase of the work chain, from the working chain, the supply of raw materials up to customer relationship with the end customer, did get MECA quality certifications UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001.

produzione trasformatori - 630 kVA elastimold bushing

630 kVA transformer ECODesign – elastimold bushing

Voltage transformers, single-phase or three-phase, in oil or resin, high-performance: our production adapts to every request, giving always the best in terms of quality and technology. Transformer ECOdesign 630 kVA with with elastimold bushing special insulators.

MECA trasformatori per Enel-Endesa

ECODesign Transformers 100 kVA ENEL/ENDESA

Many steps, only one quality standard, extremely high: from production to delivery, here in MECA we think big. And we do it: ECOdesign transformers from 100 kVA to Enel / Endesa.

produzione trasformatori - 1 MVA oil TRANSFORMER

Ready the first 1 MVA oil TRANSFORMERS for UK market!

MECA goes to UK: starts the production for the Anglo-Saxon market, and it’s a real power. Here is our first 1MVA oil transformer to be exported.

Produzione trasformatori - 300 ECODesign

Already built 300 MV-LV Transformers ECOdesign

From MECA the production proceeds at a fast pace: “Freshly baked” 300 MV-LV ECOdesign transformers. Ready, stocked, loaded and … departed.

produzione trasformatori - 100 kVA trasformer ECODesign

100 kVA transformer ECODesign – elastimold bushing

Small, efficient and environmentally friendly: 100 kVA ECOdesign transformer with elastimold bushing special insulators. Like any MECA production, it’s subjected to acceptance and performance tests, that tests their conformity to predetermined quality levels.

Produzione trasformatori per UK - 1 MVA

1 MVA oil transformer for UK market

Energy at the service of a great power: it widens the production for the UK market. 1MVA oil transformer, with lateral isolators.

Produzione trasformatori per Enel-Endesa

ECODesign Transformers ENEL/ENDESA

A great production involves special transports: MECA charges and moves more articulated trucks at a time, for his many deliveries in Italy and abroad. Here, large maneuvers for ENEL / ENDESA.

Produzione trasformatori - riparazione on-site

Electrical Repair on 30 MVA MV/LV Transformer

Not just production and sales, but also maintenance and repair: MECA has specialized in offering its services directly on-site, at the end user.

produzione trasformatori - installazione e messa in funzione

Electrical Repair on 25 MVA MV/LV Transformer

MECA, active since ’74 in the production of power transformers, puts experience and professionalism to the service of energy giant. In the photo, installation and commissioning of a MV / LV transformer of 25MVA.


Production Line Resin Transformers ECODesign

Production of MV/LV transformers, single-phase and three-phase, dry with incorporated windings in epoxy resin, with powers from 50 kVA up to 3150 kVA and insulation class up to 36 kV. “ECODesign” equipment, in accordance with European regulations on the transformer losses.