Transformers production

EcoDesign oil transformers

In conformity  to EU 548/2014 of 21st May 2014

EcoDesign resin transformers

In conformity to EU 548/2014 of 21st May 2014

Since 1974, MECA has been involved in the design and manufacture of high performance, oil or resin single-phase or three-phase power transformers. The very high standards adopted during the production and test phases, guarantee a long service life of the transformers and reducing the need and frequency of maintenance interventions. All MECA transformers are subject to acceptance and trial tests which prove their compliance with the established quality levels. The quality control process, inseparable from the process of designing, building and maintaining electrical equipment, is guaranteed in compliance with UNI-ISO 9001.

Our product range:

  • EcoDesign oil transformers
    MT / BT transformers, single-phase and three-phase, with natural cooling in mineral oil with powers from 25 kVA to 3150 kVA and rated insulation class up to 36 kV.
  • Custom oil transformers
    Customized oil transformers, built according to the customer’s instructions to adapt to specific application contexts. Customizable according to the following parameters: rated power, losses on charges Pk (W) and losses in vacuum P0 (W).
  • EcoDesign resin transformers
    MT / BT dry transformers, single-phase and three-phase, with with embedded windings in epoxy resin with powers from 50 kVA up to 3150 kVA and isolation class up to 36 kV.
For all transformers MECA provides an ongoing and timely assistance, which includes maintenanceon-site serviceanalysis and treatment of insulating fluids.